MSPC 2013
ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Memory Systems Performance and Correctness
June, 21, 2013 – Seattle, Washington – Co-located with PLDI 2013

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March 15, 2013
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April 26, 2013
Final Submission
May 14, 2013

Preparation Instructions Paper Final Versions

This page describes the requirements for final versions of MSPC 2013 papers and abstracts.

The Submission Deadline is May 14, 2013.

To submit your final version, please e-mail your final version to

Page Limits

Full paper: 10 pages maximum (no additional pages allowed)
Poster paper: 2 pages maximum (no additional pages allowed)

Mandatory Fields to be Included

Title and Subtitle

Must be in Initial Caps: First Letters of Main Words Should be Capitalized

Authors' Complete Names

Make sure that every author's name is entered correctly for spelling, accents, and the fields filled in properly for each authors' first, middle, and last (surname/family) names.

Every Author's Email Address

Please enter the correct e-mail address for every/all authors of your paper. This is a new (mandatory) requirement for the ACM metadata and for your paper to appear in the ACM DL.

Authors' Affiliation Information

Make sure that every author's affiliation is entered properly (spelling and correct affiliation name), including department or lab (if any in its appropriate field), main institution or corporate affiliation, as well as the specific location (city, state/provience, and country).


The abstract on the submission page is the one that will appear in databases—please make sure that it includes the key points that you want searchers to be able to find and matches the abstract on your submission word for word.

ACM Classification Sections

Your selections for these three sections must be included.

ACM Classification Keywords: Click here for info on the ACM Computing Classification Scheme.

General Terms: You must choose from these 16 terms: Algorithms, Design, Documentation, Economics, Experimentation, Human Factors, Languages, Legal Aspects, Management, Measurement, Performance, Reliability, Security, Standardization, Theory, Verification. Click here for info on the ACM General Terms.

Authors Keywords: This section is your (author) choice of terms you would like to be indexed.

Preparation Requirements for your Submission

Page Size

Submissions that do not conform to the ACM SIG standards, templates, and formats will be returned to the author for corrections and/or alterations. The page size for this ACM publication is US Letter (8.5x11 inches).

Bad Breaks

Be sure that there are no bad page or column breaks, meaning no widows (last line of a paragraph at the top of a column). If this happens, either tighten the previous column or force a line over. Section and Sub-section heads should remain with at least 2 lines of body text when near the end of a page or column.

Images and Figures

(a) Colors and Black & White (Gray Scale) Print Testing. If you have any images in color, we suggest that you print your paper to a black/white printer (or black-white version) to be sure that the tones and screens used in your images or figures reproduce well in black and white.

(b) Fonts. If your figure uses custom or any non-standard font, the characters may appear differently when printed in the proceedings. Remember to check your figure creation that all fonts are embedded or included in the figure correctly.

Page Numbering, Headers, and Footers

Your final submission SHOULD NOT contain any footer or header string information at the top or bottom of each page. The submissions will be paginated in a determined order by the chairs and page numbers added to the pdf during the compiling, indexing, and pagination process.

ACM Templates and Formats

(a)Authors should use the ACM templates, available here. We have provided a sample use of the sig-alternate template here (pdf).
(b)Then insert or replace the following three (3) lines in your .tex document after \begin{document} to produce the correct copyright statement and info:
\conferenceinfo{MSPC'13,} {June, 2013, Seattle, Washington.}
(c)You MUST use Type 1 fonts for your submission, for help on obtaining the correct type of fonts and other formatting issues, see here for help.
(d)Name your PDF file using your Submission Paper ID # with the lead (first) author's last name (for example: mspc121-smith.pdf). See the e-mail with notification of acceptance for your paper id#, and link to submit your paper.
(e)Past proceedings of MSPC are available here. Authors can look at MSPC'12 papers for a sample format.


If you still have questions or problems, please contact the MSPC Program Chair.